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Facing the Future (FAFU)

About Us

Facing the Future (FAFU) is a child development network whose priority is the status of children living in slum areas.  FAFU defines a child as a person below the age of 18.

FAFU reaches out to young, vulnerable children in the slum to save their lives and futures and to set them on the path toward healthy development thus giving the slum child new hope for the future.  We are therefore dedicated to the long-term development of children living in poverty in the slums.

FAFU was founded in 2007 in Kibera, Nairobi Kenya and is registered as Community Based Organization whose establishment is in the Kibera informal settlement.

Education and Training Program

FAFU provides basic educaion according to the Kenyan curriculum of education undertaking such as from pre school Grade 1 o Grade 8.
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Feeding Program

Feeding over 350 children under Daycare, Preschool and primary pupils. Main goal is to improve nutritional status of the disadvantaged children.
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Medical Program

FAFU has a school nurse and a small pharmacy unit to take care of our children in the areas of First Aid treatment of common aliments
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FAFU exists to build and enhance, in partnership with others, the quality of child care services in the Kibera Informal Settlement, to ensure a slum child’s access to basic needs (including education, nutrition, and good health) to enable them grow and become responsible adult citizens.


FAFU’s mission is a response to the fact that the Kibera slum continues to face many social and economic problems that make life very hard, especially for children.  Each year, so many babies are born in this huge slum and begin the journey of early childhood.  Tragically, too many of these children are lost along the way, precious little ones who do not receive the proper nutrition, care, protection, and learning opportunities necessary to survive and thrive.

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